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Friday, 9 February 2018

Opportunity to Earn More Coins!

Have you noticed the bid rate going up? See here: 

Pledge: I would like to not to miss any opportunity. 

How much you can earn from inviting: 
For one successful citizen (who got 100 Mission Points), you earn 100 coins. 
If you have 3 successful productive sign ups you’ll be rewarded with 300 coins + extra 300 coins bonus. 
If you have 6 successful productive sign ups you’ll be rewarded with 1200 coins + extra 600 coins bonus. 
When 12 sign ups are achieved the 2,000 more Coins are added to the total bonus. 

That’s a total of 4,100 Coins earned for only 12 sign-ups! 
And so on. 

The coin earning doesn’t end there! 
Earning even more Coins as your invitees succeed. 
How about you earn 20% of all the Coins that your invitees earn from inviting? 

You can strongly benefit from this opportunity and I strongly believe you should take this. 
To pledge, please, click on “Ready to become a big coins owner” at the top of your profile page, enter the amount and refresh the page. 

I’m here to help and I will share with you all the tips for getting invitees and, also, how to help them to become successful! 
You can post share you Url on the social media you will get success from there also.

Will you, please, write me as soon as you have set the pledge so I can start helping you to get the invitees?