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Thursday, 27 April 2017

The eQuid Limited Time MLM Offer We are excited to announce that eQuid will be launching on the exchange May 1st 2017.

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The eQuid Limited Time MLM Offer
We are excited to announce that eQuid will be launching on the exchange May 1st 2017.
In preparation for this be event we have a couple of great offers new and returning eQuid members including a method for earning equid through our limited time MLM Program and an opportunity to buy eQuid with bitcoin at two for one.
The “Earn It In” Offer
This is a limited time special offer to earn eQuid on our MLM platform.
Earn eQuid by spreading the word to your friends a social media contacts. Multiply your earnings exponentially when your friends add more friends and their friends add more friends and so on.
The rules are simple and easy to follow.
Open an account at if you don’t already have one.
At the MLM page enter your *equid address in the your account box.
Enter the address of the person who referred you to  eQuid in the referral box.
Tell people about eQuid and get them to sign up and put your * address in the referral box.
Use social media to sign up as many people as possible to maximize your earnings. This MLM promotion ends on the exchange launch day May 1st, 2017.
Signing up earns you $5.00 or 500 EQD.
Each first tier referral is worth $5.00 or 500 EQD. A second tier referral is worth 400 EQD and so on down to 5 tiers. If you tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends then by the 5th tier you will earn 11400 EQD just for telling two friends. Imagine what you can earn if you tell 10 friends.
Do this now if you like digital currency speculation and want to take your chances with this great new digital asset called eQuid.
Or do it now because you support the idea of doing good for people and the planet with a currency that is earned into existence rather than mined or lent into existence.

The Icing on the Cake Offer.
For those who can afford to invest a little bitcoin we have a  2 for 1 special between now and launch day on May 1st.  You can buy 2 eQuid for the price of one.  Get a jump start on the opening day with the opportunity to double your money.  Follow the instructions below to get started.
1. Open a * account if you haven’t already.
2. Send your * address in an email to
3. Mention in the email if you want to pay with bitcoin directly or via an escrow
4. You will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions.
Market Cap
eQuid has a cap of 100 million EQD. These will be earned into existence to build and promote the network. So far 7 million are earned and a maximum of another 3 million will be earned before we launch on the exchange for a total of 10 million issued.

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