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Thursday, 16 November 2017

John McAfee on the Future of Bitcoin

Platform Adoption Incentives

60,000,000 LATX tokens (20% of total supply) will be used for promotion once the Latium platform is in production.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Start Making YOU Money like it was on steroids!!
Start Making YOU Money like it was on steroids!!
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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Ethereum Miner is an industry leading Ethereum mining pool. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners.

Ethereum Miner is an industry leading Ethereum mining pool. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners.

Published on 7/10/2017
For additional information  Click Here

What is Ethereum Miner?

Ethereum Miner is an industry leading Ethereum mining pool. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners. Mining with the latest algorithms allows to make as much Ethereum as possible. We aim to provide you with the easiest possible way to make money without having to do any of the hard stuff. 

With data centers around the globe, we aim to keep bills down and mining power high, meaning you can make more in a shorter amount of time than what it would take to mine from your home for instance. Our data centers are located in Europe, USA and China with dedicated Up-Links and 99% uptime!

How do I Start?

Sign up providing your wallet address and Start generating Ethereum.

I don't have a Ethereum wallet. How can I create one?

You can create Ethereum wallet using online services like MyEtherWallet.

I don't have Ethereum. Where can I get Ethereum?

You can buy and sell Ethereums on exchanges like

How much can I earn without investments?

You can generate 0.0035 ETH every day without investments. You can also upgrade your Ethereum Miner to generate up to 5 ETH every day.

How much can I earn on the partnership program?

You will earn 20% to 100% every time your referral gets upgrade depending on your Ethereum Miner version. If you have Ethereum Miner V1.0 - your profil will be 20%, 30% for V1.1, 40% for V1.2, 50% for V1.3 and 100%.

How long does it takes to withdraw money?

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly, in rare cases withdrawals can be processed manually and take longer.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal and upgrade?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 ETH. Minimal upgrade amount is 0.05 ETH.

If I pay for an upgrade how long is it active?

Ethereum Miner upgrades have no limits and works as long as our data centers are powered. Our uptime is 99% so upgrade confidently.

Can I upgrade Ethereum Miner with money on my balance?

Ethereum Miner currently does not support upgrading from internal Ethereum Miner wallet yet. You can only upgrade using external wallets.

I haven't found an answer to my question. How can I get in touch with you?


CryptocurrencyBankMLM is 100% free to sign up and promote. In fact, CCBM pays $50 in CCBM

CryptocurrencyBankMLM is 100% free to sign up and promote. In fact, CCBM pays $50 in CCBM

Published on 7/10/2017
For additional information  Click Here


An overnight success ten years in the making, CryptoCurrency is as transformative as it is evolutionary. At last, 2017 is expected to be the year that CryptoCurrency goes mainstream for business. In speaking with many executives and entrepreneurs, we've noticed that the path towards CryptoCurrency enlightenment often hinges on corporate culture and specific marketplace conditions. Full CryptoCurrency integration often happens in stages, it's an evolutionary process for companies and consumers alike.
We realize there is a great deal of options on the internet these days with all the different CryptoCurrency networks. We offer information about the latest happenings with CryptoCurrency on these networks and we even sometimes throw out some goodies here and there.

1st Multi-Cryptocurrency Global Virtual Bank

Destine to be the largest Cryptocurrency Global Bank in the World!

Earn Generous Referral Rewards

Pays up to $100 in CCBM Cryptocurrency on every FREE Active REGISTRATION!

First Movers Advantage on ICOs

Consistently gives you a First Movers Advantage on upcoming Cryptocurrency opportunities!

Free Cryptocurrency Educational Courses

Keeps you up to date on all Cryptocurrency opportunities in the marketplace!


CryptocurrencyBankMLM is 100% free to sign up and promote. In fact, CCBM pays $50 in CCBM CryptoCurrency just for registering with us and with several 100% free Cryptocurrency services.
  •  100% Free Registration.
  •  2x20 CCBM Matrix with over 2 Million Potential Matrix Positions.
  •  Potential of over 4 Million in CCBM CryptoCurrency.
  •  Earn $10 in CCBM CryptoCurrency for each Person you Personally Refer who opens a CCBM free active registration account.
Simply sign up today and promote your URL everywhere and anywhere. No spamming!
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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Welcome to the 2017 TBC Web Wallet. This new Web Wallet system protects both you and the entire TBC Community with the added Login Feature in a number of ways.

TBC Web Wallet

Welcome to the 2017 TBC Web Wallet. This new Web Wallet system protects both you and the entire TBC Community with the added Login Feature in a number of ways. TBC was launched on March 21st, 2016 with a simple Encrypted URL type Web Wallet and it lacked some of the critical features needed for such a fast growing crypto-currency community. If you have the 2016 version, you will need to upgrade it now before the window of time closes on you. Once you confirm your email you will be given unlock instructions to gain access to move all of your TBC coins into the 2017 Web Wallet. If you are brand new to the TBC Community, you need to know upfront that we are deadly serious about the TBC Membership Agreement, if you even attempt to violate it your Wallet will be suspended for 6 months without warning. We invite you to thoroughly research everything about TBC before joining our private membership community to make sure you will fit in properly. Our information may be in the public space, but our activities and transactions are all private. At this time the TBC coins are appreciating in value by 3% a day; and shortly after our community grows to one Billion Verified Members the TBC coins will reach their final Ultimate Price and that will be the end of the wealth creation phase of our roll out as a global currency. We expect to reach that final Ultimate Price by the end of 2017. We will create a vast number of Millionaires and some will also become Billionaires within our private organization and we hope to end poverty globally in the year 2018.

TBC Coin

TBC coins are the most valuable currency in the world because they are the first “Abundance-Based” currency and during the wealth creation phase of our global currency roll out you have the opportunity to become Millionaires and Billionaires automatically from a single one-time purchase of TBC coins. Kringles are the smallest change of TBC coins and most of the Community prefer to refer to the units of value in Kringles instead of TBC. The main thing to understand is that we, by private agreement, will never let the price of our coins go down in value. It is a very simple Membership Agreement, but it is the “secret sauce” of an “Abundance-Based” currency.

How to Buy and Sell

It doesn’t make sense to share abundance with someone that already has abundance. So, it doesn’t make sense to sell TBC coins to an existing member that already has TBC coins. There are thousands of us here as TBC members, but there are billions of them that are not yet receiving the abundance that comes from owning TBC coins. Sell your TBC coins to them; invite and educate the people you are already connected with in the world outside, to join us on our quest to make this a better world for all, sharing in the abundance that comes from being a part of the TBC community. If you have found us on your own, and haven’t been invited to join us by a friend of yours, then you can use our exchange to convert Bitcoin into TBC. Simply follow the instructions in the Trade Guide.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

1 ticket normal price 149, - €, 3 tickets 350, - € and 5 tickets for 500, - €. Experience the new SWISSCOIN 2.0 on April 9, 2017.
From now on, those who do not already have a ticket for Dubai can also pay via the cash account. Just write an email to enter the number of tickets you want to order. 1 ticket normal price 149, - €, 3 tickets 350, - € and 5 tickets for 500, - €. Experience the new SWISSCOIN 2.0 on April 9, 2017. We look forward to see you.

For a few days now, on Facebook and other social media, various submissions, allegations, misrepresentations and calumnies, to which we would like to comment briefly. Often these statements are based on ignorance or lack of information flow.

There are no more transactions via the e-wallet possible.
It is true that the "E-wallet transactions to other users" feature has been disabled by us. In the last few months, we have unfortunately increasingly noticed that this function has been abused to a large extent by fraud, fake accounts and manipulation. In a first step we will release this function again to a selected circle of leaders in the next few days. In individual cases, a transaction can also be initiated to another account via the support.

The claim: SWISSCOIN arbitrarily blocks accounts
Over 600,000 people have joined our community over the past 10 months. More than 99% recognize the great opportunity SWISSCOIN offers and works exemplary and correctly. A small part, however, uses our marketing plan and the carreer system to build so-called forbidden "moneymachines", thereby avoiding a clean and correct operation. These users abuse and manipulate through the provisioning process our exceptional marketing plan, which provides thousands of families with an interesting monthly income. We will continue to do everything in our power to keep our business clean and to exclude SWISSCOIN users who show conspicuousness or misuse of the system. All blocked accounts will be extensively examined within the next 4 weeks, if necessary corrected, released again or in some cases also resolved.

The claim: SWISSCOIN does not pay commissions
In the last few months, millions of euro commissions have been transfered to our accounts and paid out. Thousands of SWISSCOINERs have never been so fast, so much in a network as SWISSCOIN. Thousands of partners have brought their personal and economic situation to a new level thanks to SWISSCOIN.
This has to be respected in such a rapid development also in the area of ​​payouts on regulation, is self-evident. Thus, in order to comply with the legal norms, we introduced the KYC procedure. An extensive controlling system was created for the payment requirements. In part, the payout limit is limited. Fraud prevention in the disbursements. This may result in partial delays or rejection of payment requirements. However, you can be save that we will check every single case.

The assertion that we are fraud
Many people are skeptical to negative about new, innovative products or systems simply because they have too little knowledge of the new technology. It is true that in the first months we have made a strong blockchain for SWISSCOIN. However, we have quickly convinced ourselves that a long-term positioning under the first 5 Cryptocurrencys of the world can ONLY be implemented with a decentralized BLOCKCHAIN. TODAY we can inform you that since March 3rd 2017 we have our own decentralized blockchain on our servers. This is now extensively tested so that we are prepared for our start in free trade. This means that you will be able to trade your SWISSCOINS in your e-wallet. In addition, we will strive to be listed in a timely manner at some cryptos.

To the good end!
At the moment, due to the success story of Bitcoin, new coins like mushrooms grow out of the ground and often tell fairytales. As we all know, a lot of hard work, conscientiousness, determination, perseverance and loyalty in good times and in bad times belongs to building a company like SWISSCOIN. Many who gave us at the beginning only a few months and did not believe in SWISSCOIN or lost this belief, now try their own money with their own doubtful luck. We would like to call to all SWISSCOINERS "SHOULD BE SWISSCOIN WITHOUT WHEN AND BUT THEY WILL BE ASSISTED TO THE WINNERS"!

TBC Merchant Pilot Program for a single small town local to them. This Bounty of $10,000.00 will capitalize

$10,000.00 in Bitcoin will be awarded to the Stake Holder that comes up with the best Business Plan for a TBC Merchant Pilot Program for a single small town local to them. This Bounty of $10,000.00 will capitalize the launch of the 1st Merchant Services program for TBC. It’s time to demonstrate that Merchants will love a decentralized crypto-currency that only goes up in price. The main idea of the Business Plan is how you would use $10,000.00 to spread the opportunity to get merchants to accept TBC for their Goods and Services at the full value of TBC. Deadline to Submit your Business Plan is May 31st, 2016.
Qualifications to submit a Business Plan are:
You must already be a FULL STAKE HOLDER—a single small town of merchants will certainly buy up a 100,000 TBC coins.
You must have a flexible schedule to have enough time to implement the Business Plan.
You must be ready to start working your Business Plan by June 30th, 2016.
You must be willing to document your progress here on this website of implementing your Business Plan every step of the way.

All Business Plans will be reviewed by the Admin Team and we will announce the Winner at the beginning of June, 2016.
Thank you Full Stake Holders for all of the Business Plans.

September 16th 2016
August 10th 2016
July 7th 2016
June 15th 2016
June 14th 2016
June 7th 2016
At, We have redone our website and now we are not using any version of a templated website. For a limited time only, we will allow any merchant from around the world to advertise on our website. We will allow pictures of products and brands to be uploaded in a resolution of 400x400. Later, these types of ads with pictures will cost money, but for now you can take advantage of our Free Advertising offer.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Start Mining Now!!! Not only Bitcoin, you can mine various growing cryptocurrencies
Start Mining Now!!! Not only Bitcoin, you can mine various growing cryptocurrencies 

Published on 5/8/2017 
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Begin your journey with BTC 3 TH/s or ETH .58 MH/s Mining power.Set up Your Account and start Earning! Boost up your account with BTC 30 TH/s or ETH 5.8 MH/s and mine coins instantly! Allot the power wisely.Own a Rack and get BTC 300 TH/s or ETH 57.7 MH/s of mining power. Profits earned are much More! 

Sign Up!!! or learn more. 
Get Paid on Their Investment. 

Your gadget is enough for mining! Gone are those days when you have to spend your hard earned money owning and maintaining the hardware! Go ahead with cloud mining and mine with your gadget. 


With Multiple Datacenters across the world, we use Custom Designed Miners to mine Cryptocurrencies at Mind Crushing Speed! 


Not only bitcoin! We offer multiple rising cryptocurrencies. Allot the power alternately to get maximum benefits! 


The profits can be transferred to your secure bitcoin wallet anytime you need. Profits will knock daily! 


Get instant Access to the Dashboard and Start Mining! 

Power is not an issue for us. We have invested in solar plant that guarantees the power for coming years. We have our centers in plains of India and China where there is ample of sunlight throughout the year. Rather investing in diesel generators and heavy transformers, we installed the most durable form of green energy that goes best with the available form of energy.

Our packages are grouped into three types: Pool Contract, Machine Contract, and Rack Contract . Reduced contract prices for a limited time.Allotted Mining power is worth of what you input when compared to others! 

Coinomia is an application for mining in cryptocurrencies with any of the available gadgets, a user has. Designed to cater both new miners and power users,

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Allah's praise and eulogy of the prophets
Allah's praise and eulogy of the prophets
exalted is allah whom heights of daring cannot approach and fineness of intelligence cannot find. he is such first that there is no extremity for him so that he be contained within it, nor is there an end for him where would cease.
a part of the same sermon about the prophet

allah kept the prophets in deposit in the best place of deposit and made them stay in the best place of stay. he moved them in succession from distinguished fore-fathers to chaste wombs. whenever a predecessor from among them died the follower stood up for the cause of the religion of allah.
about the holy prophet and his descendants (`itrah)

until this distinction of allah, the glorified, reached muhammad - peace and blessing of allah be upon him and his descendants. allah brought him out from the most distinguished sources of origin and the most honourable places of planting, namely from the same (lineal) tree from which he brought forth other prophets and from which he selected his trustees. muhammad's descendants are the best descendants, his kinsmen the best of kin and his lineal tree the best of trees. it grew in esteem and rose in distinction. it has tall branches and unapproachable fruits.

he is the leader (imam) of all who exercise fear (of allah) and a light for those who seek guidance. he is a lamp whose flame is burning, a meteor whose light is shining and a flint whose spark is bright. his conduct is upright, his behaviour is guiding, his speech is decisive and his decision is just. allah sent him after an interval from the previous prophets when people had fallen into errors of action and ignorance. allah may have mercy on you.

may allah shower his mercy on you ! do act according to the clear signs, because the way is straight and leads to the house of safety while you are in the place of seeking allah's favour, and have time and opportunity. the books (of your doings) are open and pens (of angels) are busy (to record your actions) while your bodies are healthy, tongues are free, repentance is accepted and deeds are accorded recognition.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

2 000 people from over 30 countries, one of the most modern congress centres in Europe, lectures hosted in an innovative way,

Get a fresh bunch of information about FutureNet!

Thank you for being on the event!
2 000 people from over 30 countries, one of the most modern congress centres in Europe, lectures hosted in an innovative way, raising involvement and absolute lack of boredom are inherent on such events. The plebiscite, where the main prizes were brand new BMW cars and the after party with several hundred people and Marek Sierocki as a DJ, and of course Electric Girls. FutureNet Event took place on 11th of March. It holds a special place in our history.
See the pictures:
Check the video: Video Youtube

The first BMW prize!
The first BMW prize! While the FutureNet Event, there was a plebiscite, where it was possible to win the right to use our BMW car for the next 3 years. One of them just has been picked up by Antonina.
Check the video: Video Youtube

FutureAdPro Anniversary
In April, we were celebrating the first anniversary of FutureAdPro! The platform is an excellent tool, which lets you to run an innovative marketing promoting your business and also to get your bonus from earnings in advertising sales.
Please visit:
New functionalities
The most recent implementations were FutureNet Chat and FutureNet Ads. Active chat on our platform is an activity that is most rewarded. Chatting, sending pictures, capturing videos – makes you earn money every single day. In addition, voice call option was extended by group conversations. FutureNet Ads makes it possible to advertise yourself in the FutureNet Platform. From now on, can promote your posts from an individual panel. Your ad can be displayed to the FutureNet members.

FuturoCoin – our cryptocurrency is coming this fall!
Do you know any social media platform having its own cryptocurrency? This is us! Soon, you will be  able to pay in FuturoCoin. Our virtual currency from the early beginnings will be a standard payment method! FuturoCoin owner will be able to exchange this currency to traditional money anytime.
More details at:
New office in Kiev
In April, we opened a new office in Ukraine! It is placed in the best possible localization in Kiev! It is the second office this year, the first one was opened in Lviv. Lots of our programmers, graphic designers and a part of customer support team responsible for the Asian market are working there.

Fast ride in a luxurious car with FutureNet Lease
FutureNet cares for every of us not only to comfortably live in the virtual world, but also in the real world! We launched the FutureNet Lease service. Right now, you can rent a car with a special offer! For the active members of our platform, the long term leasing is up to 20% cheaper!
Check the offer here:

A new payment method for our members from British Islands!
The new payment method is already Available!
Bank transfer information:
B2B Computer Service Ltd for GBP in UK
Account number for British Pounds: 48889660
Sort Code: 30-98-97
Country: England
Direct link: FutureNet Deposit

Withdrawals in gold
FutureNet signed a contract with German company PGD, which as a partner will be responsible for paying your commissions in gold. We cannot wait any longer to see the first transaction in gold!
Check the video: Video Youtube
FutureNet Cafe
In the nearest future there will be implemented a new business model – FutureNet Cafe  franchise. Do you want to cooperate with us? Contact us:

Electronic payments in FutureNet
The company also cares about the people, who want to make electronic payments more comfortable. FutureNet is currently implementing the system providing MasterCard with e-wallet (virtual wallet). This card will make it easier to make payments. Its owner will be able to payout the FutureNet commissions.

Hugh Paul and global marketing of FutureNet
Hugh Paul is hard working with FutureNet from the early beginnings. He visited us during our first and the second events. He has an enormous experience in MLM business and exactly knows what the network marketing is and shares his knowledge, while working with FutureNet.

Visit our online store
Feel invited to visit our online store with items branded by FutureNet!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The eQuid Limited Time MLM Offer We are excited to announce that eQuid will be launching on the exchange May 1st 2017.

sponsor- Alidervash
The eQuid Limited Time MLM Offer
We are excited to announce that eQuid will be launching on the exchange May 1st 2017.
In preparation for this be event we have a couple of great offers new and returning eQuid members including a method for earning equid through our limited time MLM Program and an opportunity to buy eQuid with bitcoin at two for one.
The “Earn It In” Offer
This is a limited time special offer to earn eQuid on our MLM platform.
Earn eQuid by spreading the word to your friends a social media contacts. Multiply your earnings exponentially when your friends add more friends and their friends add more friends and so on.
The rules are simple and easy to follow.
Open an account at if you don’t already have one.
At the MLM page enter your *equid address in the your account box.
Enter the address of the person who referred you to  eQuid in the referral box.
Tell people about eQuid and get them to sign up and put your * address in the referral box.
Use social media to sign up as many people as possible to maximize your earnings. This MLM promotion ends on the exchange launch day May 1st, 2017.
Signing up earns you $5.00 or 500 EQD.
Each first tier referral is worth $5.00 or 500 EQD. A second tier referral is worth 400 EQD and so on down to 5 tiers. If you tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends then by the 5th tier you will earn 11400 EQD just for telling two friends. Imagine what you can earn if you tell 10 friends.
Do this now if you like digital currency speculation and want to take your chances with this great new digital asset called eQuid.
Or do it now because you support the idea of doing good for people and the planet with a currency that is earned into existence rather than mined or lent into existence.

The Icing on the Cake Offer.
For those who can afford to invest a little bitcoin we have a  2 for 1 special between now and launch day on May 1st.  You can buy 2 eQuid for the price of one.  Get a jump start on the opening day with the opportunity to double your money.  Follow the instructions below to get started.
1. Open a * account if you haven’t already.
2. Send your * address in an email to
3. Mention in the email if you want to pay with bitcoin directly or via an escrow
4. You will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions.
Market Cap
eQuid has a cap of 100 million EQD. These will be earned into existence to build and promote the network. So far 7 million are earned and a maximum of another 3 million will be earned before we launch on the exchange for a total of 10 million issued.

Win $10,000 and double your affiliate profit The only thing you need is your phone... ...and money are already in your pocket!
Win $10,000 and double your affiliate profit
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Greetings from Richmond Berks! Today we are announcing the start of a new contest where you can win $10,000 and double profits from your invited friends using Mobile Share! The more you use Mobile Share, invite friends with it and get affiliate profits, the higher your chance to win.
Terms of the competition are simple:
1. Download and install Richmond Berks mobile application.
2. Follow the notifications (winners will be able to receive their reward only by going on a special notice).
3. Use Mobile Share, invite your friends.
4. Motivate your partners and get a percentage of their investment.
Participants who attract the most investment - win. Ten lucky winners of the top rating will receive $10,000 and double their profits!
Exactly in 2 months - on June 26, the results of the contest will be summed up live and everyone will know the names of ten lucky ones. This is your chance to prove yourself and get rich!

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